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Removal Defense

The possibility of removal (deportation) from the United States can be one of the scariest experiences imaginable. The outcome can be long-term or permanent separation from your loved ones, if cases aren’t handled properly.

In immigration court, an attorney will not be provided for you, it is therefore up to you and your family to find an immigration attorney who will fight for your case.

Defending Myself in Removal Proceedings

Every case is different, which means every case offers different options when it comes to defending against removal.

Common Defenses

-Prosecutorial discretion

-DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

-Adjustment of Status

-Cancellation of Removal


-Waivers for persons with criminal convictions


-Voluntary Departure

-TPS (Temporary Protected Status)

If you or a family member is in removal proceedings, contact us to help develop a strategy in your defense.