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Wage and Hours Issues

Wage and hour issues occur in the workplace in cases where an employer fails to pay an employee the correct amount of money for hours worked including overtime or special pay, such as paid time off or holiday pay. Many employees nationwide experience conflicts with their employers regarding wages and hourly pay, and it can be difficult to recover lost wages due to this unwillingness or inability on the part of an employer to pay fair wages as established in federal labor laws.

When an employer fails to pay wages earned, an employee has the right to request payment. Unfortunately, many situations exist where the employer maintains an unwillingness to pay. Seeking the assistance of a skilled federal employment law attorney is the most worthwhile option for combating your employer in wage and hours issues. Often, a simple letter notice to the employer is enough to prompt payment for any wages lost. When this tactic is unsuccessful, then the need for a qualified legal professional who can take the claim to trial is never greater.

Pursuing a Claim for Wage and Hours Issues

The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service understands the level of frustration and hardship a person can suffer from not being paid proper wages for hours worked. Our firm is dedicated to providing the highest level of legal representation to all clients who seek the monies they are owed, and we will fight hard to see that you get the compensation you deserve. We will stand in court to represent your needs, and our team of legal professionals will explore all available options in order to come to a satisfying resolution. We take worker's rights and federal labor laws very seriously, and we will demonstrate that passion with every pursuit of a claim.