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Retirement Claims: Federal Employment Attorney

ERISA and Federal Employees

In 1974, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA, was enacted which guaranteed a minimum set of standards for private corporation in terms of retirement plans, pensions and other benefit plans in an effort to provide for greater security in retirement. Despite the fact that corporations are legally obligated to provide for their employees upon retirement, these needs are not always met. The need for an expert federal employment law attorney is crucial in any retirement claim, and enlisting the services of the firm can assist you to achieve the results you need.

When ERISA was enacted, it guaranteed a certain set of befits to those who would receive retirement benefits or payouts from pension plans. When those obligations are not met, it is important that individuals who are not receiving those benefits step forward and pursue the monies owed to them through other means. Those who elect to represent themselves may be met with intense confusion, frustration and ultimate failure. Without sufficient experience in the field of retirement claims, disgruntled employees will find little to no success attempting to navigate the claims process efficiently and quickly.

Pursing Successful Retirement Claims

The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service is committed to providing a detailed, thorough case for retirement claims nationwide. With over 100 years of combined experience in federal employment law, retirement claims, disability benefits and others, you can trust in the fact that our dependable attorneys will always be in your corner. Our team will work closely with all clients to determine whether there is a case for legitimacy, and can provide valuable guidance and representation through all stages of a retirement claim. Our firm supports the rights of all employees to receive the retirement benefits they have been promised, and we will work hard to see that your retirement claim is successfully concluded.

Contact a federal employment law attorney if you have not received the retirement benefits you are entitled to, and would like to pursue legal action.