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Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB)

The Merit Systems Protection Board, or MSPB, was created to protect federal merit systems and the federal employees throughout the world who work within those systems. In cases where a particular agency within the federal government makes an official decision regarding the behavior, actions, special allegations or work status of an employee, the individual has the right to file an MSPB appeal that would seek to overturn the agency's decision. Failing to win your hearing or MSPB appeal can result in demotion, loss of wages, loss of employment, loss of reputation and more.

It is important to note that the vast majority of MSPB appeals are ruled in favor of the federal government rather than the federal employee. This is likely due in large part to the fact that many individuals choose to represent themselves in MSPB-related hearings or appeals. Many of those who make the decision to represent themselves find the process overly demanding, strict and difficult to work within. For these reasons more than any other, it is critical to seek the qualified, professional support of a federal employment law attorney as soon as possible in order to avoid the harmful consequences of failure.

Dependable Representation for Board Hearings

The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service represents federal employees worldwide in Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) hearings, in court appeals of MSPB decisions, and in a variety of workplace complaints concerning federal workers and the United States government. Our firm will work with you to develop a solid MSPB representation that will provide you with a distinct advantage over representing yourself. We will work hard to see that your needs are met, and that the best possible outcome is achieved. The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service values your right to contest agency decisions, and we can help you find success.