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Federal Civil Services Lawyer

Federal Civil Services and Legal Issues

The United States has regulations regarding the hiring and employee of federal employees or service members. These rules are called the Merit System Principles. The various branches of the military, federal companies and their employees need to follow these principles:

  • Equal opportunity for each employee
  • Fair pay
  • Equal opportunity to advance in work area
  • Employees need to maintain high standards of integrity
  • Expect efficient and effective work duties
  • Employee can be evaluated on the quality of their performance

These are just some of the many principles that must be maintained by federal agencies. Any violation of these principles could result in a complaint to the MSPB or Merit System Protection Board. A federal employment lawyer can provide you with professional legal representation if you are appealing MSPB decision or entering into a new hearing.

A career is a terrible thing to waste. Steady income and stability are essential in your life. If an employer is treating you poorly or not abiding by the Merit System Principles, you need to contact an experienced and professional federal employment law attorney for your case. The Federal Practice Group has dedicated their legal careers to defending federal employees and service members. They have over 100 years of combined legal experience and have represented numerous cases that have been resolved favorably for federal employees both within the U.S. and worldwide. Appealing a decision or filing a complaint can be very intimidating. Extensive paperwork and the complicated process of filing or appeals can bring extreme stress to individuals and their families. Their law firm will work tirelessly to protect your rights if you are facing legal issues as a member of the civil services.

Federal Civil Services Lawyer

Their law firm is very experienced in federal services law. They have represented service members and other general employees internationally with great success. An aggressive and insightful attorney will zealously protect your rights, no matter what the legal matter is that you are facing. The firm enjoys working hard for their clients and wants to fight hard for their rights, appeals and complaints with their employer.

Contact a federal employment lawyerto receive experienced legal representation regarding federal civil services.