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Classification Matters

What constitutes a classification matter?

Classification matters occur often when a federal employee seeks a change in the official classification of their position within a federal agency because the employee believes the duties he or she is performing warrant a higher pay grade or different series. These classification matters may be conducted via desk audit, where a classification specialist is called in to investigate and make an appropriate determination as to the correct classification of a job. Classification matters may require a great deal of detail and organizational acumen in order to find success, and anyone engaging in a classification matter should strongly consider enlisting the services of a skilled attorney before proceeding further.

Classification matters may be resolved through your agency or appealed to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

The Right Approach to Classification Matters

The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service has a dedicated staff of legal professionals who are prepared to meet clients worldwide concerning classification matters for federal workers. The firm understands the level of preparedness that it takes to seek this type of claim with the federal government, and works hard with clients to make sure that no stone in left unturned in terms of job performance, responsibilities, quality of work and more. You deserve the best chance at success and an attorney can help you to get there.